The "Ashray - Vaishnav Dharm Pataka" (Gujarati) magazine which is published by the trust includes a column named "Acharya Vichar" which has pravachans (lectures) Goswami Balaks of Kamvan Ghar from Surat.These pravachans were written for the modern day vaishnav and were related to the problems which the vaishnavs of today face in every wake of life.

       We have decided to publish some of these pravachans on the site so as to solve the numerous problems that the modern Vaishnavas face today.Click on any of the following topics :

Shri Dwarikeshlalji Maharaj
(Kamvan Surat)

Shri Aniruddhlalji Mahoday

Shri Kanhaiyalalji Mahoday







Audio Pravachans