Gopikas - Our Guru

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    Shri Vallabhacharyaji has refferred to the Gopikas as his guru - "Gopika guravah prokta". The Gopikas are neither well versed in the vedas, other religious scriptures nor have they given any teachings of any kind to anyone. Even then they have shown us, through their actions, the sweetest path of attaining prabhu - that of love!!

    Love is everything in the path shown by the Gopikas. Knowledge, if at all present, is limited only to show that "Krishna is everything". For the Gopikas the little child playing in the lap of mother Yashodaji or the one who forcibly takes daan from them (Gopikas) - Krishna, is the omnipresent, omniscient Parabrahma (universal godhead). He's the GOD of the whole world, he's the ultimate goal.

    Shri Krishna had sent Shri Uddhavji to console the Gopikas. On reaching Vraj Shri Uddhavji gave the news of Krishna's good health alongwith some consolation to the Gopikas. He also told them "He's not away from you, the whole world is filled with Him !!". But the Gopikas were so deeply in love with Krishna that they refused to accept this, how could their loved one in be "Iron, wood or rock". They told Uddhavji -"Whom do you refer to as brahma or divine light, we infact do not know what gyan (knowledge) means ! We only know the striaght path of loving our Sundar shyam - Krishna !!(Kaun Brahma ko jaati gyan kaaso kahe uudho ? hamre sundar shyam prem ko marag soodho). When Uddhavji also tried to force them into believing that prabhu did not have any form as he was the universal Godhead. On hearing this the Gopikas questioned him "How could he eat maakhan if he had no mouth? How could he run after the cows if He was without any feet or hands ?". Everything in the universe was connected to and revolved around Nand and Yashoda's son Krishna, barring him there was nothing in this world.

    The Gopikas showed us the path of love & devotion, they are pioneers, the torch bearers in this matter. But is it possible to achieve this love (for prabhu) through the  means that are available to us ? This love is not available but here too the Gopikas have shown us the way. When prabhu called the Gopikas by doing Venunad (playing the flute) to do raas (dance) with him the Gopikas kept aside the worries about their husband, children, family or society and ran towards the forest (from where the sound was coming). Prabhu will give us this divine love too, his only condition is that our surrender to prabhu must be complete and not only through words, this surrender must be visible in our actions. If the material world loses importance then only will divine love take root in our hearts ! This can be done by neglecting things which are of no use in Bhagwat-Sewa.

    Shri Vallabh is well aware of the fact that it's not easy for everyone to neglect the material world so he says that we can also attain love for prabhu through regular reading (paath) of Shri Bhagwatji. But due to our worldly obligations even this reading has become very hard. So, is it possible to achieve the level of love attained by the Gopikas ?

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