Milk & Water

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    Today the prominence of Television on the society has increased manifolds. There are many pros as well as cons in this regard. If on the one hand there are serials running for 24 hours then there are channels which show news & science round the clock too. In the same way if anyone wants to rock 'n roll to the tunes and remixes then so be it, as a perfect opposite there are bhajans and kirtans ready to take you to spiritual heights running simultaneously just a click away. Nowadays even Bhakti is available in a big way !!

    The vaishnavas who visit us do have a sense of achievement in telling us -"Whatever the truth maybe but we are satisfied with the fact that we are able to hear bhajan-kirtan every morning due to these TV channels". This is true but it is not advisable for vaishnavas to hear or sing the bhajans or pravachans of anyone who is not related to Pushtimarg, infact they mislead the vaishanvas ! As further proof we must study a letter written by Shri Gusainji to a vaishnav (refer to 252 vaishnav varta) in which Shri Gusainji has advised the vaishnav to leave the satsang of Mirabai (the famous devotee). He has conveyed the message by telling the vaishnav -"Why do you wish to ride a donkey when you are already riding an elephant !!" (Why would anyone want to go to anything inferior than the one he/she already possesses??)

    The reason behind the above thought is that anyone who doesn't belong to our sampradaya will intrpret the shastras in a different manner than Shri Vallabh and the other great acharyas of Pushtimarg have done. If such a person gets in contact with a vaishnav whose pushtimargiya knowledge is low than the vasihnav may get impressed by the person's thoughts and as a result move away from our beautiful Pushtimarg. Let us understand it through an example - The knowledge and bhaav of contemporary vaishanvas cannot be compared to a big lake in which all the impurities settle down at the bottom and only pure water remains on the surface but it is more like the water of a small vessel which can be polluted even when a small amount of impurity is put in it.

    Many people may come up with the argument that it's better to hear something good rather than not hearing anything at all. This argument is put to rest by prabhu himself. In the Gita prabhu has advised Arjun -" Swadharme nidhanam shreyah, paradharmo bhyaavahah" - which means It is advisable to not do anything in one's own dharm (religion) rather than doing something for any other dharm !! Many vaishnavas tend to forget this message from prabhu and fall in the hands of imposters thinking that he is also reciting principles of Pushtimarg. As a result these vaishnavas get impressed by such imposters and get lost from the original principles. One such imposter tried to get into vaishnav circles but his efforts were defeated by a very strong agitation started by vaishnavas from Surat in 2003. This agitation is still continuing and will be totally successful once all the vaishnavas realise that we must hear & see the pravachans from a Pusthimargiya Acharya or shastri only. The vaishnavas must realise the difference between milk & water !!

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