Shri Yamunaji

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(This chapter gives us some information on Shri Yamunaji)

        Shri Yamunaji is of utmost importance in pushtimarg, each and every vaishnav must at least have primary information regarding Shri Yamunaji.Shri Yamunaji starts from mount Kalinda in Madhya Pradesh state (province) in India and merges into the Ganga (Ganges) in Allahabad,near Varanasi.

        According to the ethics of Pushti Sampradaya,Shri Yamunaji helps the Vaishanvas to reach Shri Thakorji.In our lives if a child is crying for playing with toys then his mother will divert his attention and take him to his father,in the same way Shri Yamunaji takes the vaishnava (child) who is tempted by this world (toy) to Shri Takorji (father).She is the one who puts the word to Shri Thakorji and on hearing her advice Shri Thakorji accepts a vaishnava as his own and liberates him from this world,this is the main reason why the vaishnavas give so much importance to Shri Yamunaji.

        According to the ehtics of Pushtimarg Shri Yamunaji is looked at from 3 angles by her vaishanavas viz.

  1. Adhi-Bhautik : The river that flows in Mathura,Vrindavan,Gokul, etc.
  2. Adhyatmik : The one that gives boon and washes away the sins of the vaishnavas.
  3. Adhi-Daivik : The real swaroop of Shri Yamunaji(One of the main queens of Shri Thakorji)

        We will not go into the full details of all the three different angles but would like to state that all the three angles are one and the same.The vaishnavas believe that Shri Yamunaji washes away their sins and takes them closer to shriji and that is why they do puja of shri Yamunaji on their visits to Mathura or it's adjoining areas.The vaishanavas also do Yamuna paan (drink water) of Shri Yamunaji because they believe that the pure water (spiritually speaking) of Shri Yamunaji will make their soul pure whereby they will get a chance to do the sewa of Shri Thakorji.It is a known fact that one when one does Yamuna paan with due respect his soul gets pure and he does not have to go to Yamlok (hell).

        Even Shri Mahaprabhuji has sung the praise of Shri Yamunaji in "Shri Yamunashtakam".Shri Maharapbhuji has shown the real swaroop of Shri Yamunaji in the stotra.

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