The Trust runs 14 Pathshalas (schools which teach the basics of Pushimarg) in and around the city of Surat,but this working area was very limited as Vaishnav families are present in each and every part of this world.The net gives us the oppurtunity to spread this knowledge to the millions who are not able to reach us or any other such place where they can get this education and are left without this important education.With this in mind we have started this section in which we shall give basic knowledge on many aspects of Pushtimarg ranging from such simple questions as "Who is Shri Nathji ?" to complex questions related to sewa and shringar.We shall keep on updating chapters from time-to-time so those who are interseted in achieving this knowledge must visit our site on a regular basis.Lastly,if any Vaishnav has any questions then he/she is free to mail it to us on our e-mail or send a query by clicking on the Contact page in this site.

       Here is a list of some of the chapters which we have uploaded: