About Us


       The Kripanidhi Trust was formed in the year 1985 by a group of entusiastic Vaishnavas of Surat who wanted to increase the expanse of our Pushtimarg.Even today this trust is functioning very actively not only for the betterment of Pushtimarg but also for the upliftment of the needy who are neglected by many in the society.This page is a brief introduction to the activities taken up by this Trust :

Publication   Medical Help   Cripple & orphans   Senior citizens    Pathshala   Sewa


       The Kripanidhi Trust has published many books on different subjects of Pushtimarg for spreading the Sampradaya.
       Besides these the trust also publishes monthly and a bi-monthly magazines for giving important knowledge to Vaishnavas on Pushtimarg.In Gujarati the trust publishes Vaishnav Dharam Pataka,a monthly magazine which deals with the present day problems faced by the Vaishnavas of Pushtimarg.In Hindi it publishes Ashray,a bi-monthly magazine which gives useful information on many important granthas and other important topics of Pushtimarg.Both these magazines have a combined membership of about 2500 members with Ashray being more popular in the Hndi speaking vaishnavas while Vaishnav Dharm Pataka is spreading the Sampradaya amongst the vaishnavas of Gujarat and some parts of Maharashtra.The aim of the trust is to raise this figure to over 5000 members.

Medical Help


Help to the blind,deaf,cripple & orphans

       The tust is also actively taking part in the above mentioned social activities.It keeps on organising a variety of programmes for the deaf,dumb and crippled people whereby these people are supplied the required things or equipment totally free.


Help to the senior citizens

       The trust visits the homes for the old regularly and fulfills the requirements of these senior citizens.Recently,the trust organised one such visit on 28.8.1999 to Ashaktashram in Surat and supplied these elderly people with the things of daily use.



       The trust has started many branches of the Girdhar Bal Pathshala  for giving Pushtimargiya knowledge to the children of the vaishnavas.These pathshalas (schools) have been started in the memory of late Shri Girdharlalji Maharaj of Kamvan.Vaishnavas volunteer ti become teachers in these pathshalas.These pathshalas run on every Sunday for 1 hour.This pathshala has 15 branches in the different parts of south Gujarat with the maximum number (9) in Surat while others are spread in the surrounding towns such as Navsari,Valsad,Bardoli,etc.About 500 students are getting Pushtimargiya knowledge from this effort of the trust.


Activities related to Sewa

       Pushtimarg is a path of beauty and arts.All the 64 Kalas (arts) have a place in Pushtimarg.Shriji has gifted at least one art to each and every vaishnava.So,the trust organises sewa shibir and other such activities so that the vaishnavas can fully develop their art and use it to perform the sewa of Shriji in a better way.