In Pushtimarg - as in old scriptures - there are numerous ways of passing on the beliefs and the tenets through the generations. Saying anything in a single way might seem hard or unattractive to some. So there are many ways of taking a siddhant to the masses. In Pushtimarg the tenets shown by Shri Vallabh are followed even today. Shri Vallabh has explained his thoughts in the various granths which he wrote. These granths are written in Sanskrit language and so are hard - almost impossible - to understand for the modern man. For the modern man, the best way to understand Pushtimarg and live this beautiful marg is to regularly read the vaartas of Pushtimarg.

    As the word shows a 'vaarta' is a story, more precisely put these are biographies of vaishnavas who lived during the times of Shri Mahaprabhuji, Shri Gusainji as well as stories of many of our vaishnav ancestors. These prasangs show us the way to lead our lives according to the principles of Shri Vallabh, these are our ideals. Reading and remembering these vaartas help us deal with the ups and downs of life in a better way and also take us closer to prabhu.

    There is no end to vaartas but we have chosen some which will show the way to today's vaishnavas.This topic divided into the following sections :