Pushtimarg is the path shown by Shri Vallabhacharyaji.The word "Pushtimarg" is made up of two small words "Pushti" and "Marg".The word Pushti has two meanings,it means divine grace,it is also a synonym for love and Marg means path.

       This path was shown by Shri Vallabh to the Vaishnavas or the Daivi Jivas who had fallen on this earth due to some mistake in the heavenly adobe of Shri Krishna known as the Gauloka.In Pushtimarg a Vaishnav (one who has taken Brahmasambandh diksha) can achieve salvation only by doing the sewa of Shri Krishna.The sewa pranalika (system of sewa) of Pushtimarg is in such a way that we feel as if we are living with Shri Krishna in Gokul and doing his sewa as the Gopikas had done thousands of years ago.

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